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Top Bundaberg Agent Breaks Free. Find out why Cameron Greaves has launched his own agency.

Cameron Greaves, a passionate advocate for the Bundaberg community, proudly announces the launch of his namesake real estate agency. Founded by a business leader with deep-rooted connections to the region, Greaves Property Agents envisions becoming a leading brand in Bundaberg, offering a personalised, empathetic, and technologically advanced approach to real estate.


At the heart of this new venture is a strategic partnership with UrbanX, an organisation recognised for pioneering technology-driven solutions within the real estate industry. This collaboration is set to elevate the real estate experience for both buyers and sellers in Bundaberg and the surrounding areas. As director Cameron Greaves states, “It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience. Their demonstration of commitment to collaboration, innovation and excellence has been amazing.”


With UrbanX looking after their business backend, Cameron and partner, Jenna, can focus on their profound dedication to their clients and their aspirations. “The incredible opportunity to change lives is what attracts me to the real estate industry. I have the privilege of assisting sellers in successfully selling their properties and guiding buyers towards finding their dream homes. It’s a truly fulfilling experience to be a part of such significant milestones in people’s lives.”


Drawing from their unique background, which includes managing an award-winning team in the machinery manufacturing business and growing up on the cane farms of Bundaberg, Greaves Property Agents brings a powerful combination of business acumen, community connections, and a people-oriented approach to the real estate industry.


The agency’s commitment to clients is captured in their brand identity, emphasising a warm, approachable, and empathetic approach that instils trust and confidence. Their vision is to go beyond the transactional aspects of real estate, genuinely caring for clients, understanding their unique desires, and delivering tailored solutions.


Cameron and Jenna Greaves shared their enthusiasm for the future, stating “we’re excited for the opportunity to grow a team of like-minded agents who share the same passion for putting people first. Creating a team where people come first is crucial to me. I believe that by fostering a positive and supportive work environment, we can not only provide outstanding experiences to our clients but also cultivate a culture of growth and success within our own team.”

Cameron continued with this advice: “If you’re considering building your own brand, my advice is to trust in your abilities, embrace the opportunity. If you are thinking about it, do it sooner rather than later.”


Greaves Property Agents is poised to redefine the real estate experience in Bundaberg, embodying the spirit of community, innovation, and client care.


Visit the Greaves Property Agents Website here.

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