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Learn from these industry GOATS

GOATS are simple creatures. Here’s what you can learn from them to succeed in real estate.  

“Real estate is so simple, it’s boring.”  

That’s what Phil Harris of Harris Real Estate had to say at his AREC talk. His point? Too many agents are looking for shortcuts and ways to stand out before they’ve got the basics right, or as he put it, “they’re seeking uniqueness over effectiveness.” 

And we can’t agree more. While a key value at UrbanX is to be a purple cow and stand out, that’s often misunderstood. Yes, we love creativity and push our agent partners to do things that highlight their unique selling points, but we never lose sight of the fundamentals.  

As Seth Godin’s book suggests: You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. 

What’s clear now, is that doing the fundamentals – prospecting calls (and at least 100 per week according to James Tostevin, up to 200 if you’re Alexander Phillips) and personally connecting with people in your market – will make you remarkable. 

Building on the idea of personal connection, Marcus Chiminello went on to say that close connection with clients, and “picking their brains even outside the sales process” can turn a database into a personal marketing team. By creating amazing relationships and being the best “at what we already know works, people will flock to you by reputation”. 

By focusing on prospecting, you will get listings. Once you have a listing, returning to the fundamentals will set you apart. As Alexander Phillips stated, running a really good open home is the second-best prospecting technique.  

What else did they have in common? Their keys to success hinged on doing the work to get the results. There was little talk about ai or digital lead generation. Just. Do. The. Work. 

So, if you’re not happy with where your business is at, become remarkable at the basics: 

  • Not enough listings? Get your prospecting to at least 100 calls per week (plus bolster your marketing so you’re not “invisible”). 
  • Not enough sales? Hone in on setting the right price and delivering the best presentation of the property that you can. 

Everything outside of this is just noise.

As Phil Harris said, ““When you combine high-quality skills [and] the appropriate amount of volume, that’s where the magic kicks in!” 

So go be a GOAT.   

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