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OIKOS Real Estate launches with a focus on relationships and creating life-long clients

With over 25 years of combined real estate and business experience, Nunzio Lo Castro, Harrison Mastrapostolos and Angela Mastrapostolos have joined forces to launch their own brand, OIKOS Real Estate, powered by UrbanX.  

After working under the traditional model for a number of different brands throughout their careers, they knew if they wanted to continue to grow, they needed to do it under their own brand. 

As leading agents, they knew they wanted to do things differently, and establish a business, with a culture that aligned with their beliefs and provide a different real estate offering for the community they have called home for more than 20 years.  

“Within a franchise, we were restricted in what we could do due to the rules and restrictions. Working under our own brand we can create a culture that we are proud to work under, where we all work together as a team and celebrate our success together.” OIKOS Real Estate Director, Harrison Mastrapostolos said. 

Launching a business can be very daunting, but the partnership with UrbanX provided exactly what Nunzio, Harrison and Angela needed to be able to launch their business in a short amount of time, with the support from a team who have navigated it all before. 

“They have so much experience to support someone launching a business. The UrbanX team has been through it all before with their partners. They know what works and have been able to offer expert guidance to help us to launch our business successfully.” 

As the team launch the OIKOS Real Estate brand in their local area, it is the focus on family that provided the inspiration. Oikos is derived from the ancient Greek concept of the family home and created the perfect name for their new brand as it ties in with their beliefs and their Greek heritage. 

“Our local community is very family orientated, and we want to help everyone connect with a property, which will be their family home. As a team, we will be able to provide the experience that everyone deserves with a focus on community and family, which will help us to stand out. We want to do things differently to the industry standard.” 

The OIKOS Real Estate team have always prided themselves on building strong, genuine, life-long relationships with all their clients and they will continue to as they grow their business with the support of UrbanX. 

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