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If you want to grow your business, there is only one option for you!

Starting your own business can be a challenging decision, but it can also be the most rewarding of your life. Imagine launching your own brand, with a team supporting you to grow your business 38% in the first year and an additional 61% in year two. These numbers are a reality for UrbanX partners as the platform for high-performing agents continues to disrupt the real estate industry by empowering high-performing agents to work for themselves. 

For many agents, it’s the fear of failing that holds them back, but after two years working with Australia’s best agents, UrbanX has created a recipe for success, empowering their growing list of partners to achieve growth numbers that they only ever dreamed of. They understand the needs of high performing agents, and how to assist them to grow their own business. By implementing these learnings with their partners, the results are speaking for themselves. 

“We have seen agents completely transform their lives since joining UrbanX. In their first year working with us, Remy’s Real Estate grew by 560%, Eastell and Co. grew by 295%, Noosa Estate Agents grew by 282%, and we are excited by the numbers that so many of our new partners are already achieving. We provide the support, training, and systems to support them in everything they do, working closely with them to achieve their goals. With years of experience, we know what works and have the systems in place to drive exponential partner growth.” Dan Argent said. 

“If you are a high-performing agent ready to take your career to the next level, we will support you to launch your own brand, grow your business to a level you only ever imagined, while keeping more of your commission… all without the usual hassles of running your own business. That’s the beauty of partnering with UrbanX”, he said. 

Since January, UrbanX has achieved phenomenal business growth, increasing the total number of partners by 154%, and total agents by 149% with no sign of slowing down, as they continue to disrupt the entire real estate industry. With over $1.3 Billion in sales this year alone, and $25M commission distributed directly to their partners, there really is no other option for Australia’s best agents to start their own business. 

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