Fixing an industry that has become ‘A Wreck’

After nearly 2 decades in this amazing industry, we realised it was becoming ‘A WRECK’ (no pun intended 😉) so we decided to do something about it – and the franchise groups hate it.

Agents work hard 6-7 days a week, nights, weekends etc to get their own listings & then sell them themselves. They sacrifice valuable time with their families, all in the pursuit of success. When that sold sticker goes up, and it’s time to get paid, the first person with their hand in the cookie jar is the franchise, taking 8-10%. Then the office takes another 40-50%, leaving you with half your income gone, and that’s before you pay for your own PA, marketing, tax etc.


“I haven’t seen things slow down. Once I got the first one, it was like a snowball effect – one after the other.”

Nick Stewart, Co-Director – WiltonLemkeStewart

No wonder Tom Panos says $1 Million Dollar agents are broke!

But that’s all changing…

We help successful agents to work for themselves, but without the usual hassles of running your own agency (you can read our origin story, and the services we provide here). The best part is you get to:

  1. Build your own brand
  2. Keep Up to 90% of your GCI
  3. Take your career (and life) to a whole new level

And in the last 3 years, we’ve made a bit of a dent 😬

Clinton Eastell – ex-McGrath

Clinton went from writing $360,000 to $3,000,000+ in just 2 years after building his own brand in partnership with UrbanX. Here, Clinton tells his story on how UrbanX has helped him further his career and build upon his own personal wealth whilst being able to build a team of high performers.

Remy’s Real Estate – Ex-Place Agent

Remy has gone from an average agent to earning himself the top agent in his suburb. He has the ability to market himself in his own unique way which has really separated himself from the competition. Working with our marketing team to ideate and produce on ideas that under a franchise model, just don’t work. In addition he has propelled his earnings – not only taking home a bigger split but increasing his GCI from $250,000 to over $1,000,000 in the last year.

Thompson + Clarke Ex-PRD #1 and #3 Agents in Australia

Reece Thompson and Ryan Clarke joined forces to create Thompson+Clarke and solidify their names in the area. After just 9 months under their own brand they have been able to sell over 145 properties. They tell us again and again about the success of building their own brand and how they are recognised in the area more than ever before. After years of building a brand for someone else in their area, they expressed that they should have done things sooner. When will you take the jump?

How it Works Partnering with UrbanX

Build your Brand

UrbanX work with you to build a brand that you can call your own. Starting with working on your business name through to the design and implementation of your branding across all of your collateral. We will help you stand out from the crowd of sameness in the market. With ongoing support from Social Media through to keeping your printed collateral up to date – we look after your whole branding journey.

Administration, gone.

Let us look after all the intricacies and tedious tasks whilst you focus on listing and selling. We look after the entire backend of a Real Estate agency, allowing you to focus on the things that you’re best at – which is probably prospecting, listing and selling.

We look after everything including the below and more:

  1. Trust Account Management, Invoicing and Payroll
  2. Listings admin including Form 6 creation, uploading to listing sites and more
  3. Contracts – you sell the property, we take care of the rest

Leads and Marketing, on autopilot.

We work with you to make sure your brand sticks out amongst the sea of sameness. All your property marketing, lead generation for listings and branding advertising done for you, the way it should be done. With no limits on how you project your brand, you will certainly stand out in your area. I mean, just look at Remy – would your franchise let you advertise yourself in this way?

UrbanX Partners find excelled growth at an average of 40% in year 1 and 140% in year 2. These are 3 reasons why.

1. Going from a name underneath a large brand to your name being front and centre!

Agents working under the franchise model get lost in their advertising and in particular their Vendor Paid Advertising. How often does the agent stand out on signboards in your area? Your name being front and centre throughout ALL of your advertising helps keep you top of mind in your area and separates you from the competition.

3. UrbanX frees up your time to focus on the things that matter
8 Why avoiding change

We work with you to take care of everything on the back end of your business. Marketing, listings, contracts and finance. All the things that agents hate doing – we look after it all. That way you can focus on your zone of genius, which is probably the 3 things that drive the bottom dollar of the business – prospecting, listing and selling.

2. Our training is a step above the rest
Untitled design (4)

When partnering with UrbanX you get access to the best training in the industry. From experts like XXXX, XXXX and XXX. Not only that but you have access to all the best tools in the industry.

Intro Real People, Real Results UrbanX made what normally would be a stressful process, so simple. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Dan and his Angels. We are beyond grateful that we were given this opportunity to work for ourselves and alongside a team of 10’s. CLINTON EASTELL & ASHLEIGH EBNETER, EASTELL AND CO Intro Real People, Real Results Very happy with the decision to join UrbanX, my time is freed up to do what I love & that's to focus 100% on listing and selling real estate & have the rest taken care of. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for my business with the exceptional support of UrbanX. MARK SPINELLI, INNOVATE PROPERTY GROUP Intro CHRISSIE KRUMMEL, CHRISSIE KRUMMEL PROPERTIES (QLD) Real People, Real Results I couldn’t be happier with my branding, website creation and the administrative support provided by UrbanX which has allowed me to focus solely on my clients and their outcomes, thus providing them with the most professional service from start to finish. This support has allowed me to personally develop and grow my business and I’m looking forward to that ongoing support. Intro Real People, Real Results You’ve given us the opportunity to focus on what we love doing & given us the confidence that everything is being handled to the highest standard but most of all we have loved the dedications the care the support and the generosity from a group of inspirational people. NATHAN THOMAS & ANGELO CIRILLO, SOUL PROPERTY AGENTS (NSW) Intro Real People, Real Results In our first 12 months we did the most business we ever have. UrbanX removed all the pressure and stress of sales administration, financial administration and marketing to allow us to sell and be parents. We’ve never been in a better position! JORDAN & EMMA MCLENNAN, JORDAN MCLENNAN PROPERTIES (QLD) TESTIMONIALS AND REVIEWS

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